Tattoo shop The Mean Machine

The Mean Machine is a well-known tattoo shop in Groesbeek but their work and reputation is known throughout The Netherlands.

Owners Harry and Claudia are passionate about their work, and it shows. For them, it’s not just work but a lifestyle which they full-heartedly embraced and surrendered to.

Besides tattoos, they can also help you with piercings, permanent make up, clothing, accessories and custom made jewlery. 

They’ve been working with the same website for years on end. So when it was time for a new one, we went all out: they wanted it all. And that’s exactly my kind of project.


The quality of their work allready spread fast through word-to-mouth. Now their website was optimized, they’ll reach a whole new audience.


I could describe their artwork (and I did, extensivly), but the photos I took captured their passion on a much deeper level.


Tattoos, piercings, permanent make-up, clothing and accessories: all are found on their brand new website and webshop

Get your own #TMMoriginal

A tattoo should be appreciated, besides the tattoo style, meaning, trends or hypes. A beautiful tattoo is a piece of art: is timeless, just like an inspiring painting or sculpture.

Harry and Claudia are driven by the purest form of love for their craftsmanship. Tattoo trends are nice to follow, but when the quality of a tattoo comes in second place, they’re out. It’s that philosophy that makes their tattoos true Mean Machine Originals!

Get your own #TMMoriginal today and check out their website, Facebook– and  Instagram-account!


Curious? Interested? Want what they have?


Lievensweg 32, 6562 XN, Groesbeek

+31 (0)6 53 99 70 39

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