Daamen Grondverzet & Loonbedrijf 

Daamen: a friendly, innovative family business in the agricultural sector, was looking for a way to share their love for their business with the rest of the world.

We started with The Netherlands.

Social media and email marketing were on the top of their wish list. I added branded content and photography, and soon their fanbase began to grow. It has been growing ever since.

Their unwavering love for their business is exactly the reason why our combined actions have such an impact: love meets knowledge. It’s real, rugged and undeniable: exactly what their fanbase needs.

Social media marketing

A special company needs a custom Instagram concept.


They know exactly what their fans love: real people and real machines


The love for their business comes to life through photography

“Show us what you love doing”

The team consists of multiple hard working, machine-loving, brand-loyal people, fully dedicated to their work.

Every day they get up bright and early (and I mean early) to get the job done.

When we asked them to take pictures of their work so we can show the world what they do, we discovered that they were more than willing.


Curious about what they do? Check out their website or their socials: Facebook and Instagram!  

“We’ve been working with Bart for a long period of time, which we find pretty satisfactory. Our work is to be described as dynamic: you’ll never know how the day will go or how it’ll end. This can be pretty overwhelming at times, especially for those who are not used to our line of work. But Bart fitted right in. He took the time to get to know our business and our employees, and made sure there were no questions left unanswered. The Social media posts and newsletter have been introduced and are well read! Our company has kept its identity which I find very important. Besides, Bart has a lot of patience which makes him a pleasure to work with.

– Anneke Koster-Daamen

Curious? Interested? Want what they have?


Lievensweg 32, 6562 XN, Groesbeek

+31 (0)6 53 99 70 39


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